Monday, 19 June 2017


IALT: Show Teamwork while playing Basketball!

Today, Room 9 went downstairs and played probably the LAST session of Kiwisport! It was a BLAST hanging out with Coach Peter and Coach Hyrum (Also to coach Yaran who was there to replace Coach Hyrum when he was sick!). I learnt A LOT of things while playing Basketball and using the B.E.E.F technique which is:

  • B - Balance
  • E - Eye on the target
  • E - Elbow
  • F - Follow through

Firstly, We played Golden Child and its when one team has to have each a turn and shoot the ball in while the other team has to run around the WHOLE court and if one of the teammates from the other team get a point because they got the ball in the hoop then the person thats running around the whole court has to stop and the next person goes and it just follows through like that! But in the end will be the Golden Child - (If I had to pick the golden child then I will have to pick the fastest people in the team!). 

 ALL the people who got stopped by the the people on the other team because they got the ball in the hoop, The golden child frees them and has to run with ALL of the people who stopped around the court to the end and if everyone reaches the end when no one from the other team shoots the hoop then they win! 

Luckily our team won! The other team won only 1 or 2 times but my team won 5 times which was AMAZING! It's like whenever Gary is in our team, we win but if he is not in our team then we lose!

During Basketball, as we are still playing games, I have learnt how to build more friendships with my class peers which means I showed the value Whanaungatanga! I also learnt how to work with my team and also add their ideas so we can make a solution on how we should win and I think that's the reason why we even WON! 

Also how we didn't pressure each other when the golden child came so it was easier for our teammates to get it in because we need to focus and if so much distraction is coming from the background, we won't be able to concentrate so we could get the ball in!

Thankyou! Feel free to leave a comment! Bye!

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