Wednesday, 20 June 2018

☕️ Breakfast Club ☕️


Kia Ora and greetings to you all...

So today I will be reflecting about Breakfast Club! Since today is Wednesday, I have Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club is usually ONLY for student leaders to do and it's free to anyone at our school who is hungry for breakfast or hasn't had breakfast .. Today on Breakfast Club duty, it was myself, Constance & Cerenity.

We had to make Milo & Toast for the kids to eat but first we sorted out the tables and chairs for them to sit on in order for them to have Breakfast. So after that, we got the keys to the kitchen then straight away started up Breakfast Club - we first put in the bread to make toast, after that we buttered it up and put it on the table for the kids to eat.

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I made the Milo and obviously it was DELICIOUS because it was ME that made it - *giggles*. Anyways, we poured the Milo in to the cups and gave it to the juniors and seniors so they could eat it - MOST of them were saying that it was good so we were SUPER happy!

Then when it hit 8:30 - we packed up the tables and chairs, wiped the benches and also put the dirty dishes in to the dishwasher so it could have a nice wash for the people who are doing Breakfast club tomorrow!

What I enjoyed about Breakfast Club was that after it, we played Table Tennis since there was a ball, 2 bats and a table .. Playing this reminded me about camp because we ALWAYS use to play it at camp and now there's one setted up at school, we can play in the Morning or at Lunch Time & Morning Tea.

What I didn't enjoy about Breakfast Club was that it was kind of crowded in the kitchen since it was full of student leaders but it was still cool since we got to talk about stuff and also make the Milo and Toast at the same time.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

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Once again, MALO!

πŸ₯‹ Tai Chi πŸ₯‹

IALT: Reflect about TAI CHI!

Bula Vinaka and greetings to you all...
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So today, I will be reflecting about our Tai Chi lesson that we had with Mr Gordon. So as soon as the year 7 & 8 girls finish doing the roll in the morning, we head to the hall down stairs to start off our Tai Chi lesson with Mr Gordon .. As we get there, we greet each other by doing these Tai Chi moves which are unexplainable then we do these other moves such as Crain Form, Tiger and more!

As we finished that, we got our chairs and created a circle (well, it mostly looked like an oval but oh well). We then talked about our Positive Effect, Negative Effect & R.A.K (Random Act of Kindness) - Here is my one:

Positive Effect - It's my father's 4th anniversary meaning he died 4 years ago.
Negative Effect - My hands were hurting yesterday from TOO much stapling!
Random Act Of Kindness - I washed AND folded the laundry.
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After ALL of us had a turn of telling our Positive Effect, Negative Effect & R.A.K - we got straight in to action which was talking about the word of the day which is COURAGE. Courage is when you are WILLING to do something or take risks so Mr Gordon told us a little story about him showing Courage!

One day, Mr Gordon's school will ALWAYS go steal fruit such as apples from a house next door and who lived in that house was an old lady named Estelle. Everyone thought that Estelle was scary since she will always chase kids off her property since they will ALWAYS come steal fruit, so Mr Gordon's friend who was very big asked Mr Gordon to jump over the fence and get him a apple .. Mr Gordon told him No, he's not going to steal a apple for him so go and ask - but Mr Gordon's friend didn't want to ask so Mr Gordon was going to go ask Estelle himself for a apple - As they walked to the front door, Mr Gordon was VERY nervous but he still had the courage to knock. As soon as he knocked on the door, she answered it quickly - she then said "What do you want?!", Mr Gordon was just about to run but then he replied "I just came to ask for a apple" - Estelle had a HUGE grin on her face and told Mr Gordon AND his friend to come along inside so she could give a bag of apples to them, the reason why was that Mr Gordon was the FIRST ever kid to ask so ever since that day, Estelle had been giving Mr Gordon different kinds of fruit each day until she died when he was 17, so when Mr Gordon was 7, that's when he asked - so he had known her for a decade!

That was a example given by Mr Gordon of him showing COURAGE!

What I enjoyed about this lesson was getting to share my idea of what 'COURAGE' means to me, and also getting to listen to Mr Gordon's story about it which was fantastic, Estelle was a out-standing lady that I know Mr Gordon will NEVER forget about because throughout those years, Estelle has been giving Mr Gordon and his family HEAPS of fruit that could a lot of money buying it in those years growing up, so he was very happy then upset when she had died.

What I didn't enjoy about this lesson was getting to play games because usually in the end of talking about our Positive Effects, Negative Effects, and Random Acts of Kindness, we would talk about our word of the day and some stories then get straight in to some games but that didn't end up happening today but oh well!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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Once again, MALO!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

πŸ˜…Weekend ReflectionπŸ˜…

IALT: Reflect about my WEEKEND!

Namaste and greetings to you all...
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So today, I will be reflecting about my weekend. So during this weekend, I didn't really do much except sleep, shower and eat - the reason why was because we didn't have any plans for this weekend and I was suppose to go to my older sister's house on Friday but that didn't end up happening which made me very disappointed.

Anyways on Saturday, we woke up early to do our gardening because it looked very messy so my mum thought it would be a good idea to start off on it then the next minute, we're ALL literally inside sleeping but at least we got some work done like for example ... cleaning the pollution that was in our garden and also in the front of our house.

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On Sunday which is today, I didn't get to go church since my mum's first cousin flew to Tonga for a funeral so my mum had to help out the older sister of her first cousin who is also her first cousin, who had a stroke recently. Her oldest daughters know what to do but she just asked my mum to keep an close eye on them and also on her older sister.

After that, we came back home and just made our food to eat since there wasn't really much to do today too. During the whole day, I just lied down in my bed watching epic movies with my snacks while the rest of my family did their own things.

What I enjoyed about this was getting to chill a lot throughout the weekend because that never happens during ALL of my weekends that I have had so i'm pretty glad but also feel lazy that I wasn't able to do my chores so my kind brother did it for me, for the first time in FOREVER because I always seem to do his but he never does mine!

What I didn't enjoy about this was today, most of my family went to my older sister's house in Manurewa to have a feed, and I was pretty angry because I wanted to go too but my mum said no .. so I was also angry at her too. Another reason why I didn't enjoy this weekend was because there was a FEED at the house so I was pretty starving and still am starving but oh well.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this blogpost about my WEEKEND!
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Once again, MALO!

Friday, 15 June 2018

πŸ‘©πŸ½‍🏫 Science πŸ‘©πŸ½‍🏫

IALT: Reflect about Science!

Talofa Lava and greetings to you all...

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Today, I will be reflecting about Science. So myself and Group 1 went to Science in Room 9 first which we had with Ms Fepulea'i while Ms Komor stayed in Room 10 with Group 2 so they could blog more for this month .. So as my group arrived to Room 9, we settled in to the desks to get ready for our learning.

I needed to go and get my late pass from down stairs so I could give it to Ms Komor to tell her that I was late. Anyways after I did that, I straight away went to Room 9. When I got there, they were mainly talking about Gravity and we came up with questions like..

  • Does the heat on the Sun, affect the Gravity?
  • Does the air affect the Gravity?
  • Is there ANY Gravity in Space?
Image result for is there gravity in space

The last question, we had a vote if there is gravity in Space and if there isn't. People voted for there is Gravity in Space and ONLY Fe'ao & Ms Fepulea'i voted that there isn't - the answer that Ms Fepulea'i & Fe'ao gave to us was that if Astronauts fly to space and then come out of their spaceship in to ACTUAL space, they float but here on Earth, there IS Gravity which makes us LIFE in Earth hold us down even in any country that is around the globe.  Then the answer that others gave was that including me is that .. since in the Solar System, planets have Gravity like for example .. Planet Earth is IN Space meaning if Earth has Gravity and is also IN Space, there is Gravity in Space too. And also the Gravitational Force that is around the Planet Earth is ALSO Gravity which is IN Space too!

It just went all CRAZY after that but it was still fun. After this .. we got to make parachutes for little lego men using tissues - the reason why we did this was to see which lego man will go faster - for e.g - will the one with the parachute win? or will the one without the parachute win?. Obviously, the one without the parachute fell first then after was the one with the parachute. This is because the air resists on to the parachute which pushes it up and makes it float down.

Here is the result of my parachute that I made with my peers Grace & Lydia - click on the emoji to view the video:

(As you get onto this, look for my name in the folder then click on it :-)


What I enjoyed about this lesson was getting to build parachutes for our little lego man who is ACTUALLY a skeleton but oh well. I also enjoyed getting to have a argument (not a negative one) with my teacher and peer to see who is ACTUALLy right about whether there is Gravity in Space or not and the answer was that there are different parts of space that have Gravity, not the WHOLE of Space has Gravity, only some particles of outer Space have Gravity.

Had to add this GIF *laughing* !

What I didn't enjoy about this lesson was trying to make the parachute out of tissues, because it was just too soft and it kept ripping which makes the rope that holds the little lego man and parachute to fall .. but then we ended up completing this task which we got to record!

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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Once again, MALO!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

🎼 Music 🎼

IALT: Reflect about Music!

Hola and greetings to you all...

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Today, I will be reflecting about our Music session that we had with the TPS music teacher, Caleb. Since there are a LOT of people in the Kia Manawanui syndicate, we ALL got split in to two groups. Group 1 went to Music first, while Group 2 stayed back to do our inquiry - I was in Group 2 which means that when Group 1 comes back, myself and my group go to Music.

So when it was FINALLY our turn, we lined up in 2 lines (Boys & Girls) then walked straight away to the Music room with Ms Aireen, where Caleb is .. As we got there, Group 1 came back with Ms Aireen and Group 2 stayed for our Music session.

As we ALL sat down, we voted on a game to play as a warmup so we played 'High, Mid & Low' which relates to Pitch - as you play that game, you will ONLY need a piano and also a person who will play it. 

How to play .. when the person at the piano hits the high piano keys, you'll have to stand straight with your arms up. When he/she hits the middle piano keys, you'll have to stand straight but with your hands crossed. Then when he/she plays the low piano keys, you'll have to squat down - so during this game, you will have to listen carefully!

After we played this game, we ALL sat back down and went over how to read the musical notes when it's in between a line so from the bottom to the top, it's spells 'FACE' and if you like you can learn it by remembering the alphabetic order like for example .. it goes " A, B, C, D, E, F, G" -  and as a goes up, the letters that spell 'FACE' go on each line and in between that is for example again .. (F) G, (A) B, (C) D, (E) - then it goes back to the same thing over and over again - this is pretty hard to explain but I hope you get what I mean!

Image result for music notes

What I enjoyed about Music was getting to win the first round of the game we played in the beginning which was 'High, Mid, Low'. I was SUPER happy that I won it and I also got a token which I got to put in my school house container - ALAMEIN!

What I didn't enjoy about Music, was that there were some people that were talking and who wasn't focusing which was alright, but in the end of the day - they still listened and we got on with our Music session!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

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Once again, MALO!

πŸ˜‰ Ambassador Presentation πŸ˜‰

IALT: Reflect about presenting my Ambassador Presentation at Somerville!

 Konichiwa and greetings to you all... 

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 In the morning, I had to go to Somerville to present my presentation about what Tamaki Primary School has been learning for the past 2 terms. Since our inquiry topic for this term is 'Earth & Beyond', my presentation was mainly about that and I got present/explain a lot of information about my learning to people who are from different schools out of Auckland.

 It was quite nerve-racking as I waited for my turn to go up because I needed to remember to speak clearly, loud and also finish my presentation in 3 minutes because that was the maximum of the time your presentation should be .. So I got to the Somerville staff-room and then practiced my presentation a few times with the tips that I just explained about.

 Then the Manaiakalani visitors came and introduced themselves - same goes to the teachers who brought the ambassadors there - I went with Kelly. So as they all finished introducing themselves, we went STRAIGHT into action! 

Here is my presentation: 

So before this event started, we got in to order. 

First - it was a year 9 girl from Tamaki College who is Seini, Second - it was a boy from Panmure Bridge who is Ofa, Third - it was a girl from Pt England who is Sheena, Fourth - it was a girl from Stonefields who is Mary, Fifth - it was a Edgewater Satellite class student who is Joel, Sixth - it was a girl from Glenbrae who is Telesia, Seventh - it was a girl from St Patricks who is Rosary, Eighth - it was a boy from Ruapotaka who is Saluselo, Ninth - it was myself who is obviously from Tamaki Primary, Tenth - it was a girl from St Pius X who is Lisa, Eleventh - it was a girl from O'Puau school who is Maia, Twelfth - it was another girl from St Pius X who i'm not sure what her name is, then last but not least a girl from Glen Taylor who is Amy!

Throughout the morning, ALL the ambassadors that participated and presented their presentation to us was fantastic, and I definitely learned a lot that I think my neurons are growing stronger!

What I enjoyed about this was being able to represent Tamaki Primary School as I was there, and even though I had many butterflies in my stomach - I got up there with a huge smile and did my presenting to the very best I could!

What I didn't enjoy was nothing, I actually REALLY enjoyed going to present my ambassador presentation to others so they could actually learn more about 'Earth & Beyond'.

Thank you for reading my blogpost and I hope you enjoyed it!

Make sure to comment feedback and opinions about this so I know how to be a better learner and a better blogger!

Oh! Forgot to mention, we also got Manaiakalani Ambassador badges which was REALLY excited and I was SO happy! Also I got spoiled from one of our teacher aides Kelly who went with me to Sommerville and so that was her token of appreciation to me because how she was proud of me!

Once again, MALO!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

πŸ’πŸ½ F.I.T Inquiry Rocket πŸ’πŸ½

IALT: Reflect about the F.I.T inquiry rocket, we learned about today!

Fakalofa lahi atu and greetings to you all...

Today in the last block, Kia Manawanui did my favourite subject, INQUIRY! If you haven't realised yet, our inquiry topic for this term is 'Earth & Beyond'. So our learning was based on that and as we were learning .. We came across a model that we used last year which is a inquiry rocket that displays 'F.I.T'. 

F.I.T stands for:
  • F - Fuel Up
  • I - Ignite
  • T - Take Off
Ms Aireen decided to use my inquiry rocket that I created last year as a example to Kia Manawanui. We discussed about F.I.T and also talked about how we could start the rocket in order for it to Fuel Up, so in the bottom - it says 'Learn, Create & Share' which is what we've been doing for the past few years so we have already learned about 'Earth & Beyond' so since we learned about it, we will always have to create something so we will obviously create a DLO (Digital Learning Object) then when we complete that task, we will share this on to our blogs!

Here is my inquiry model that Ms Aireen displayed to the KIA MANAWANUI syndicate:

What I enjoyed about this lesson was that Ms Aireen was kind enough to display MY inquiry model that I created last year and also getting to see the year 7's learn something new today!

What I didn't enjoy was having to go to Mrs Kelly and present my presentation because I was really eager to learn more about our inquiry topic and also because how my all-time favourite subject IS inquiry but oh well, I had heaps of fun presenting to Mrs Kelly and Mrs Fepulea'i so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

Thank you SO much for viewing this blog post of mine, make sure to comment feedback and your opinions about this blogpost so I know how to be a better learner and blogger by using you're advice!