Friday, 23 June 2017

My Tapa Cloth Design!

IAL: To blog about my Tapa Cloth Design!

Today, I have worked on a Tapa Cloth Design about my culture, traditions and beliefs! As you might know, I am Christian, I am Full Tongan, I adore my family very much, I really love music and I am a child of god! We worked a presentation about Pasifika and had to create a Tapa Cloth about ourselves and our traditions!

I am very grateful for everything that has came in my life and also VERY grateful that I am coming to school! I do pray to our heavenly father EVERY night and tell him how grateful I am for what he does for us and to bless us and guide us!

Also I forgot to mention that I LOVE flowers and also think they are a common thing in Tonga because most of the Tongan woman wear flowers EVERYWHERE and also I LOVE eating pig roasted which is called a Umu in Tongan which is also in the google drawing! 

This might be surprising but I have memorised 27 bible verses in Tongan and I am pretty sure you might know them so I will try my best to translate them in English:
  • John 3:16
  • John 1:12
  • John 5:12
  • John 20:31
  • Philips 4:4
  • Psalm 23:1-2-6
  • Psalm 90:1
  • Psalm 25:5
  • Psalm 30:1
  • Psalm 119:105
  • Psalm 128:1-4
  • Ephesians 6:1-2
  • Ephesians 5:17
  • 1 Corinthians 3:11-16-17
  • 1 Timothy 4:12
  • 2 Timothy 3:16
  • Colossians 3:23
  • Proverbs 10:11
That's pretty much ALL of my 27 Bible Verses!

Here is my Tapa Cloth Design:

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Congratulations Losana!

IAG: To congratulate Losana on 600 blog posts!

I just wanna say a MASSIVE congratulations to Losana for reaching 600 Blog Posts while she was at school! She has given me a LOT of learning tips as I attended Tamaki Primary School! She also has helped me to be the learner I am today! She deserves a BIG congratulations and hopefully she will be able to reach 800 or even 1,00 blog posts this year!

Thankyou for helping me a LOT this year with my work and telling me to do my work when I keep on getting distracted! I believe that you will be able to reach 1,000 blog posts by the end of this year and hopefully you will be able to do it!

Again, A BIG congratulations to Losana for reaching 600 blog posts! You'll probably be the next Willy who reached 1,000 blog posts too while he was still at Tamaki Primary but it's alright because he's probably still blogging at Edgewater College which is the college I will be attending when I am a Year 9!

Image result for 600 celebration

Once again, Congratulations Losana!
Also congratulations Gary for reaching 600 blog posts too!

Songwriting Lesson!

IALT: Reflect about my first songwriting lesson!

Today, I got the chance to go to Songwriting with my class peers! We were writing a song about Healthy eating and created some lyrics that we came up by ourselves to match with Bruno Mars - That's what I like! It was a great experience and is also very relaxing there and coming up with ideas to add to the song. 

Right now, we are already finished and Caleb is thinking that we should perform it in front of the whole school since we're finished and how there is going to be a assembly after Lunch! When I looked at the song, It sounded and looked so cool and I wished I could've listened to it a thousand times more!

All these people that have participated and contributed must ALWAYS be excited going to Songwriting and off course I will always have a BLAST and also a great time going every friday to Songwriting! Now that I have joined Songwriting, Sadly I will not be able to go to Keyboard anymore but I had a WONDERFUL time at Keyboard too and hope they will come up with something creative and be a amazing keyboard player EVER!

What I enjoyed was when everyone participated and contributed into this and showed the school value Ako by sharing what they learned in Songwriting with EVERYONE!

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Technology Reflection!

IALT: Reflect about what I did at Technology yesterday!

Here are my Concept Ideas:

Yesterday Morning, Kia Manawanui went to Technology at Tamaki College! I was in Graphics with Ms Ferguson and we were still beginning to make a clock that will kind of work! We had to make Two designs and my designs were a Chanel clock and a Louis Vuitton clock! I've mostly been struggling try to draw the Louis Vuitton on to my clock so I decided to go with making my Chanel clock which was WAY easier!

I worked with Frances because she's a great artist and was pretty good at drawing a Chanel and Loui Vuitton logo! On a spear paper that no one needed, She drew a massive Chanel logo and also a massive Loui Vuitton logo then she told me that it will probably be easier if I just copied of the big paper she drew the logo's on then the chromebook I was looking at!

We learnt about Compare and Contrast between a orange and a banana! We had to think about the similarities between them like for example, They are edible, They both have bright colours, They both grow on trees, They both are fruit. Then we had to think of the differences between them like again for example, They are both different shapes (Banana - Crescent & Orange - Sphere), They're both different colours, Banana's grow in a bunch and Orange's grow separately!

So we had to do the same tasks but between the different kinds of clock's we will make, I think that for all of us in Graphics with Ms Ferguson, It will only be possible just to make a Analog Clock but if not then I am mistaken!

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sugar Wordsearch!

IALT: Create a poster, rap or wordsearch about Sugar and how it could affect our brain when we eat sugar!

Here is the Sugar Wordsearch that we created!

Today, me and my class peer Ana worked on a wordsearch about how sugar could affect our brain when we eat it! This also the second time I have did a wordsearch and if you think that making or doing a word search is easy? Nope, it's hard because you have to carefully know where you put the words before they wouldn't be able to fit or there might not be that much space!

Ms Komor created a presentation for us to research about how sugar affects our brain when we eat it! We also got to know new meanings of words and one of them are Dopamine! If you want to know what Dopamine is when you get on stage and you're like nervous (Pretty much most people are nervous going on stage), and then in the end of your nerve is Dopamine! 

It was a great time with a wordsearch about how sugar could affect our brain when we eat it with my class peer Ana! Because we both got to participate and contribute into this and make a creative poster, rap or song and I am happy that we both agreed on this!

It was also a wonderful time get to know her much much better as a friend and actually got to show the school value Ako (Shared Learning) and Whanaungatanga (Building Relationships) to her and hopefully she will do the same thing to everyone else!

In the end, It was a very FUN time (also known as a BLAST!) working with my class peer and hopefully I will be able to work with her again!

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tree Planting Reflection!

IALT: Reflect about our trip to Paddington Reserve for Tree Planting!

Today, Room 9 went to Ra Whakato Rakau - Matariki! We were lucky because The Kia Manawanui got invited to participate and contribute in this event! The reason why we participated in this event was because it was part of Matariki which we were doing this week!

We were ALL so tired because we had to walk there and it was like the first time I have EVER walked to Glen Innes! The teachers said that it was near Pak n Save but really it was WAY far then that! I was so excited when we got to Pak n Save because I really thought that it was near Pak n Save when really....!

Anyways, When we got there, There were only probably one school there and some students from Point England school who were walking around and interviewing some of students from our school! 

Everyone stared at us because we came up with a Karakia when we finished planting the tree and it was a pleasure that the Madd Ave director Tamati told us to read our Karakia out loud for the other schools!

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Monday, 19 June 2017


IALT: Show Teamwork while playing Basketball!

Today, Room 9 went downstairs and played probably the LAST session of Kiwisport! It was a BLAST hanging out with Coach Peter and Coach Hyrum (Also to coach Yaran who was there to replace Coach Hyrum when he was sick!). I learnt A LOT of things while playing Basketball and using the B.E.E.F technique which is:

  • B - Balance
  • E - Eye on the target
  • E - Elbow
  • F - Follow through

Firstly, We played Golden Child and its when one team has to have each a turn and shoot the ball in while the other team has to run around the WHOLE court and if one of the teammates from the other team get a point because they got the ball in the hoop then the person thats running around the whole court has to stop and the next person goes and it just follows through like that! But in the end will be the Golden Child - (If I had to pick the golden child then I will have to pick the fastest people in the team!). 

 ALL the people who got stopped by the the people on the other team because they got the ball in the hoop, The golden child frees them and has to run with ALL of the people who stopped around the court to the end and if everyone reaches the end when no one from the other team shoots the hoop then they win! 

Luckily our team won! The other team won only 1 or 2 times but my team won 5 times which was AMAZING! It's like whenever Gary is in our team, we win but if he is not in our team then we lose!

During Basketball, as we are still playing games, I have learnt how to build more friendships with my class peers which means I showed the value Whanaungatanga! I also learnt how to work with my team and also add their ideas so we can make a solution on how we should win and I think that's the reason why we even WON! 

Also how we didn't pressure each other when the golden child came so it was easier for our teammates to get it in because we need to focus and if so much distraction is coming from the background, we won't be able to concentrate so we could get the ball in!

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