Tuesday, 17 October 2017

✨Welcome Back To Term 4✨

IALT: Create a new blogpost to welcome my viewers back to my blog!

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So time has gone SO fast that I am becoming upset that it is nearly the end of the year. I have spended 3 terms with the year 8's and am going to miss them VERY much because how this is the last term of this year 2017! But anyways, Let's start off with saying WELCOME BACK, MY FELLOW VIEWERS! 

It is now Term 4 and so it is now 9 more weeks till school finishes. I am very happy to come back to school to see my friends and to also learn more!


Friday, 22 September 2017

🎉Happy Late Birthday Dad🎉

IALT: To reflect about my dad's birthday yesterday!

G'day mate and Greetings to you all...
Welcome back to my blog!

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Yesterday, It was my father's birthday and He was turning 68! Sadly, He passed away on June 20th, 2014. So as soon as ALL of my siblings, mum and nephews arrived home from work and school, We went straight to to the Purewa Cemetery to visit my Dad and wish him a Happy Birthday! We came with a Elvis Presley cake and candles since Elvis Presley is his absolute favourite singer! We also came with balloons so ALL of us get one each so we could let it go into the sky, But before we did that - We took the cake out of the box and put it next to my dad's grave, Then we took photo's and put the candles on the cake then lighting it. My younger nephews blew the candles and we then sang Happy Birthday to my Father! We were sad because 2 siblings were missing from our little celebration at the cemetery and it was my older sister and brother who lived in Australia! 

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 But was more upsetting was that my older brother's son is my dad's namesake and they weren't able to come because they were very busy but my older brother and sister were the first people who sended their birthday wishes for my dad to us and they wished they came but they couldn't! So after singing Happy Birthday to my Father, We untangled the balloons and wrote lovely messages onto it with a black sharpie so my father could read it when we let it go to Heaven! As we let the balloons go up into the sky, It was so fast that 5 seconds later - It was already up high in the sky. So as we watched the balloons go to the sky, We ALL yelled out "WE LOVE YOU DAD/GRANDPA!" And said our goodbye's to my Father and also my Grandmother whose grave was just across my father's grave.

It was tearful knowing that he was gone, But we think about him EVERYDAY and NIGHT! Rest in Paradise Soane Tava Tu'uholoaki! Gone but NEVER forgotten, You will 24/7 ALWAYS be in our hearts FOREVER!

Many Thanks!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


IALT: Write a positive blogpost for my blog viewers saying Goodnight!

Talofa Lava and Greetings to you all...
Welcome back to my blog!

Hello my fellow viewers, Sadly this will be the last blog I will be doing for today but hopefully you liked the other previous blog posts I did today! It's already past 10:00 now and I am still blogging but I am blogging because you should already know that I love to LEARN, CREATE & SHARE!

I absolutely love sharing my blog posts with you so that's the reason why I blog daily! But I know this is a short blogpost but I am very exhausted so I want to have a great nap so I could wake up tomorrow and blog HEAPS more for you my viewers to read and enjoy!


Many Thanks!


IALT: Write a recount about Kiwi Can!

Jumbo and Greetings to you all...
Welcome back to my blog!

So after lunchtime, Room 9 and 10 had a Kiwi Can lesson together since Room 9 couldn't have Kiwi Can because we had swimming so the teachers decided we'll do Kiwi Can together for this Tuesday and next Tuesday! It was so funny and we talked about our topic for Kiwi Can which was Resilience and we talked about facing challenges and etc....Ms Lily was there but I think Mr Malu went somewhere so it was just Ms Lily, She said that this week's and next week's Kiwi Can session is going to be FUN! Since this is the last 2 weeks until Term 4 holidays! I still can't believe that it is nearly the end of the year and ALL of my Year 8 friends are gonna go to college, But I'm just gonna focus on what's happening now. So after we talked about the word Resilience, We played a game and it was Girl vs Boys, We had to pass the ball around and try to tag the boys out but we could not run or throw the ball at them! They mostly got us girls out but luckily I was one of the last 5 who was still in the game when the boys had to tag us, I got tripped up by Sene which made me get tagged but oh well, It is what it is. 

After that, It was the boys turn and we got most of them out too, No offence but most of the girls had butterfingers (Like catched the ball and slipped out of their hand). But overall, we played really good! Then we sat back down and talked more about our topic and what we also have been talking about for the last couple of weeks! Then since it was Room 9 and 10 having the Kiwi Can lesson together, Room 9 sat in front of Room 10 but like 10 spaces forward and played another game. So Ms Lily had a netball, Little soccer ball and a rugby ball, So whenever she puts a ball down, we have to play that game and score a try or a goal for our class but for the rugby ball, It ain't rugby, it's touch! I ended vs Huriata myself in hand soccer, It was a challenge because she was really good at it but she won, but anyways Humble Winners and Gracious Losers!

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Then in the end, Kia Manawanui said ALL together "Thankyou Ms Lily!" and sat back down and listened to what the teacher was saying! They were giving us reminders so we could come with our togs tomorrow so we could go swimming!!!! Then after that, We had to do Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl around in a circle. Ms Kyla says that you have to ask the person next to you if you want to hold hands or link arms so since I was next to Sifa and Toma, We just linked arms and did our afternoon karakia then went home!

Do you have Kiwi Can sessions at your school?!

What are your thoughts on my work?

Many Thanks!

❣️All About Me❣️

IALT: Talk about me!

Namaste and Greetings to you all...
Welcome back to my blog!

Today, I am going to talk about ME!!!! I am a young female who is a year 7 student prefect at Tamaki Primary School! I am a pacific islander (Tongan) who lives in Aotearoa - New Zealand. 

My favourite colours are Nude & Blue, My favourite foods are KFC, Butter Chicken, Mcdonalds, Bruce Lee Sushi, Lu Sipi (Tongan Food), Puaka (Pig), Ota (Raw Fish Salad), Talo (Taro), Manioke (Cassava), Kumala (Kumara) and many more....I have A LOT of close friends but I'll name the closest so...

 (1) - Leilani

(2) - Ana & Losana (Draw)

(3) - Irys

(4) - Constance & Cerenity

I mostly have year 8 friends because they are fun to hang with and is also a LOT of fun!!!!! I do love them very much and am grateful to have them in my LIFE! My favourite movies are The Game Plan, 3 wise cousins and MOANA!!!! I unconsciously love these movies and watch them over and over and over and over and over and over (x 12345678) again! 

Thanks for reading about me!!!!

What are your thoughts on my work?!

Many Thanks!


IALT: Share some inspirational quotes with my fellow blog viewers!

Hello and Greetings to you all...
Welcome back to my blog!

I have decided to share some of my favourite quotes that really inspired me to be the learner I am today! The reason why I want to do this is because these powerful and wonderful quotes inspire me to do new unique things and pursue goals and dreams of mine in the future so these quotes motivate me to become a better person even when I do make HEAPS of mistakes in life, but I know making mistakes help me because I learn from it!

Here are the quotes:
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(1) - I absolutely love this quote because it is from one of my ALL time favourite movies which is The Cinderella Story! What this quote personally means to me is not making my mistakes stay in the way of me pursuing my dreams and I could be wrong but this is what it means to me so I am so grateful that people have came up with this quote!

(2) - So this is a quote that I made on a google drawing and it says "Don't Change Yourself, Be Yourself!". I personally made this quote up and I have searched it up on the internet many times and no quote like that has came up so I decided to make it as a quote! The reason why I love this quote is because often people change themselves because of the way others treat them or judge them so that's the reason why!

Is one of these your favourite quotes? And if yes then why?

Many Thanks!

🇳🇿Maori Language Week Assembly🇳🇿

IALT: Reflect about our assembly!

Tena Koutou Tamariki Ma and Greetings to you all....
Welcome back to my blog!

So at 9:30, Room 9 went down to the hall for an whole school assembly. It was about Maori Language Week since we didn't get to do an assembly last week so we decided to do it today.

There were 2 hosts who were dressed up fancy and their names are Constance (Year 7) & Frances (Year 8)! They had their korowai and poi's etc...So the assembly started and we started off with then New Zealand national anthem.

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Then Ms Kyla talked to us about the maori culture and then we sang 3 songs after every activity we did as a whole school! The songs were - Te Aroha, Tutira Mai and a song that was written independently by Ms Kyla which was Te Wa o Tamaki!

Then Ms Kyla picked some people to play a Maori game and in the beginning, We had to start off with "Takahia Paki te piti piti paki" and then add on a dance move and then in the end, we add the dance moves up and try remember it and do it!

After that, We did the karakia and went back to class!

What are your thoughts on my work?! 

Many Thanks!