Friday, 16 February 2018

👩🏾‍🎨Te Tuhi Trip👩🏾‍🎨

WALT: Write a reflection about our experience at Te Tuhi.

Hello and greetings to you all...

Today in the morning, Half of the class went to the Te Tuhi art gallery.  It was the first time in 2018 that the year 7 & 8's from Tamaki Primary School got to go to the TE TUHI ART GALLERY! I was already super excited since we got to do some art and crafts.

Image result for te tuhi

So as we reached there, Our instructor/tour guide was Salome who was ALWAYS was our instructor so I was very joyful. We did A LOT of stuff at Te Tuhi like our role plays/colleges and look at the ACTUAL art gallery.

3 things I learned at Te Tuhi was:

  • Layering - Like cutting out ALL your images and making them look like the actual image that happens in real life - (It's quite hard to explain).
  • Having Creativity - I was quite stuck on what I was gonna do since our role play was about Tangled, so I wanted to do a collage like it so I did it but luckily Salome helped me.
  • And while I was doing my Role-Play, I needed to speak more clearly and that was the feedback from the classmates so either way, I appreciate it.
Coming back to Tamaki, I brought back a creative mind, growth mindset & positive that I can do what I can DO!

One thing I'd like to spend MORE time on will have to be my work, It looks finished but there are just some bits that needs to be worked on but what it looks like now is what I am happy with at the moment.

One thing that Salome taught me which what I was proud of today was like I said, I got stuck on my work so she helped me do Rapunzel's hair from the tall tower she wasn't allowed of  - It was VERY creative and wonderful!


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

✌️Hauora - Te Whare Tapa Wha✌️

IALT: Reflect about my Hauora work!

ALOHA and greetings to you all...
Welcome back to my blog!
It's been a VERY long time since I've blogged and this is the first blog of 2018! This blog should be a GREAT start to this year and to let you know, this blogpost is about HAUORA!

Hauora means Four walls of different dimensions that are:
  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

The teacher who gave us this task explained to deeply think and complete this task in the given timeframe so I did EXACTLY what she said.

Comment your opinions about the task that was given.

Many Thanks,

Monday, 25 December 2017

🌤Summer Learning Journey, Day 5 (The Dawn of a New Era...) - Activity 2🌤

IAL: About the Treaty of Waitangi!

Welcome back to my blog!

I apologise for not blogging or finishing off this task on Friday, I've  been having a VERY busy weekend & we just arrived to Rotorua last night at 2:46am.

So lets finish off the tasks that I was suppose to do on Friday!

Image result for WaitangiOn 6 February 1840, a very special document was signed by the Māori chiefs and the British settlers in New Zealand. It was called the "Treaty of Waitangi" (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) and it outlined how the two groups would live together and work together in New Zealand. It was the first document of its kind to be signed in the entire world. The Treaty was signed in a place called Waitangi in northern New Zealand.

So then, I've been asked to visit a particular website that Rachel has given so we could read it and List at least 3 things about where we'd like to visit if we got the chance to go to Waitangi!

Here is it:
  • Firstly, I'd like to visit the Treaty grounds where Maori & British had to sign the treaty!
  • Secondly, Since I love nature - I'd love to visit the Waitangi River!
  • And to just see live Kapa Haka performances!
That's it for today!

Kind Regards,
Your SLJ blogger - Agnes!

Saturday, 23 December 2017

🌤Summer Learning Journey, Day 5 (The Dawn of a New Era...) - Activity 1🌤

IALT: Translate Maori Phrases into English!

HELLO my fellow viewers!
Welcome back to my blog!

Sorry I haven't been posting that much because yesterday, It's been a VERY busy day but I finally have time to finish of this weeks task! 

So for today's activity, We had to translate Maori phrases into English because back in the day - Europeans also found this country and wanted to own it I believe, and they also outnumbered the Maori so they battled against each other to have access to this country, build homes & many more!

We are instructed to use Google Translate
to translate the following five phrases from English to Te Reo Māori or from Te Reo Māori to English. Post the translations on your
blog. Be sure to include the phrase in both the English and Māori to earn full points.

Here are the phrases:

  1. Nau mai ki Aotearoa - Welcome to New Zealand!
  1. ____ is my name - Ko ___ toku ingoa
  2. What is your name? - He aha to ingoa?
  3. He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro - I like to play rugby!
  4. Where do you come from? - No hea koe?

Thanks for reading!

Your SLJ blogger - Akanesi!

Thursday, 21 December 2017

👍Commenting On a SLJ blogger's blog👍

IALT: Leave positive & helpful advice on other people's blog!

Welcome back to my blog!

Today, I took a time out of my day to comment on Jolie's blog who is a year 7 female student from Glen Innes School! She is ALSO doing the Summer Learning Journey Programme which is AMAZING, On her blog post - She listed the activity she was doing for Day 4, Activity 2!

The name of her game is Horo Hopu & This screenshot of her blogpost will explain more =

(The picture seems a bit too blurry so what will be helpful for you to read it is if you click on it)

What I like about her blogpost is that her game is very different & unique to other Maori games I've played and it seems VERY interesting!

Here is the comment I left on her blog post:

If YOU'D like to comment on here blog, Here is the link = Jolie's BLOG!

What are your thoughts on her blog post?!

Your SLJ blogger - Akanesi!

P.S - Stay tuned for more blog posts coming!

🌤Summer Learning Journey, Day 4 (Hitting A High Note...) - Bonus🌤

IALT: watch AMAZING clips of Kapa Haka groups singing with emotion!

Welcome back to my blog!

So for today's bonus task, I've been asked to rank these Kapa Haka waiata performances from my favourite (#1) to least favourite (#3) and to explain why I have gave them the ranking that I did!

So #3's Ranking is Tamatea Arikinui:
And the reason why this ranking number 3 is because they did do an OUTSTANDING performance & everything was AMAZING but they could've gave more to get the audience actual attention on how good they could REALLY be!
Image result for kapa haka groups auckland
#2's Ranking is Te Iti Kahurangi:
This Kapa Group who sang that specific waiata is BRILLIANT! The movements that they used to the song was PERFECT and everything was SO spectacular!

#1's Ranking is Te Puku O Te Ika:
The reason why I chose this as my number ONE ranking was that it was VERY graceful! I don't know if I'm true or not but they must've lost a loved one so that graceful waiata was to that particular person. The Kapa Haka group sang their heart out & Their Harmisation was just too GOOD, It was an INCREDIBLE performance!

That's the end for today's activity, Make sure to be tuned because more blog posts will be up tomorrow!
Image result for kapa haka groups auckland
What's your #1 ranking for this? and Have you EVER heard of these waiata before?

Click on one of these links to go watch the video:

Kind Regards,
Your SLJ blogger - Akanesi!

🌤Summer Learning Journey, Day 4 (Hitting A High Note...) - Activity 2🌤

IALT: Be educated more about the games that Maori's played back in the day!

Greetings & Welcome back to my blog!

For today's task 2, We are talking about games! Several years ago, Maori's played game like - Poi Rakau, Ki O Rahi, Koruru Taonga and Poi Toa! I have been instructed by Rachel so pick one game and to explain the purpose of the game/name of the game and 2 rules!

So the game I've picked is Poi Rakau, The reason why I chose this game is because I've been playing it many times this year like in class & also doing it as a warmup game for KIWISPORT!

The Rules:
Image result for poi rakau
  • 2 People Minimum play!
  • You will need a Rakau each!
Name of the game: Poi Rakau

Aim of the game:
  • To keep your stick straight then let it go and try to hold the other stick when the person in the middle calls out right or left in Maori or English!
Heres are LINK to a video of people playing POI RAKAU!

Have you played Poi Rakau?

Make sure to leave your answer by commenting!

Your SLJ blogger - Akanesi!