Monday, 4 December 2017

🌞Summer Learning Journey🌞

IALT: Reflect about Summer Learning Journey!

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Today after Morning Tea, Rachel Williams who is the person who is responsible for The Winter & Summer Learning Journey's have came to our school & Explained about Summer Learning Journey Programme that will be starting on the 18th of December to 28th of January!

She also came with some team members that have helped her since SO many students have wanted to join this programme & She obviously needs their help to look at the student's blog posts, comment & other things too!

I've decided to participate in this blogging programme because obviously I LOVE blogging but not crazy just love and I have participated in this programme before which was the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme!

Ever since that, I loved participating in these sort of programmes so I have already registered!

Have you already registered in the Summer Learning Journey Blogging Programme?

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Monday, 27 November 2017

🇹🇴Tonga Loses Against England🇹🇴

IALT: Reflect about England's win against Tonga!

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So yesterday, I went to the game at Mt Smart - It was Tonga vs England, I had faith & trust in Tonga and I knew they could do it. Anyways, When we got there - There were HEAPS and HEAPS of Tongans, It looked like a Red Sea. What surprised me that were SO much Tongan supporters then England supporters, But of course we're humble ya'know...

So we got some sweets, drink & food before it becomes sold out since there are HEAPS of people there. Lucky, We were one of the first people in line! So we got our food and went to look for our seats - We were near the screen like on the left side. It's hard to explain but that's where we were sitting but like in the front! 

Image result for rugby league tonga vs england

I liked our spots because we had a VERY good view. So then we got to our seats at 5.00 but the game was at 6.00 so we had plenty of time to do anything so instead of doing something, we just watched the Mate Ma'a Tonga players train...I was praying to our heavenly father and hoped for the BEST!

An hour came past, The game STARTED! We were ALL cheering since Dinah Jane was singing the national anthem, She absolutely KILLED IT! We ALL were surprised when she did a little of her own style of singing and it was just so Bravo!

It was Half time, And Tonga still hasn't got any tries. It was 0 - 12 to England during the Half-time, I kept praying and praying to the man above and kept hoping for the best!

Then the 2nd half came, England managed to score a try but what ALL of us Tongan Supporters were surprised about at the game was that it was only five more minutes on the clock til the game finishes and we managed to score 2 tries - Then as there was less than 10 seconds on the clock, Andrew Fifta got close to the try-line but was stripped off the ball from a England player, It knocked on but still - Andrew got a try!

Image result for rugby league tonga vs england

What was disappointing and annoying was that the Assistant Referee said it was a TRY and Andrew Fifta heard him so he tried to tell the main referee but he ignored and finished the game!

That referee's name is Matt Cecchin, He should've atleast checked it before he finished the game but Nope. But he was too stupid to notice that it was a try as you can see to the replay!

When the game finished, I went and got photos with David Fusitu'a! I'm actually related to him and it's quite a coincidence!

Anyways, Have you signed the petition for Tonga vs England? and If you did, Comment!

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Thursday, 23 November 2017


IALT: Reflect about me getting announced to...

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So yesterday at lunch, Kids who got placed like 1st, 2nd & 3rd in field events and also in racing get to go to Interschools, And I was ONE of them. Ms Thompson who is our sports/P.E teacher this year is running sports and she gave a list to each teacher that at lunchtime, after the eating bell - For those people on the list to go down to her class which is in Room 3.

I didn't get called out from the teacher, So I thought that I didn't make it until I went to wash my hands because I did a blackhead mask but I didn't wanna put it on my face, I wanted to put it on my hand. I was gonna wash it off until I heard my name so I went to Ms Thompson & she said that I made it into High Jump and also Long Jump with one of my close friends Constance!

Image result for sports field events

She's also in other events but I am grateful that I got to do 2 events. So I don't get tired that much, But I do feel sorry for others because some girls & boys have to do more than 5 events on that day but at the same time, they're lucky since they'll get a BIG FAT lunch to eat! 

For us, We are going with year 4, 5, 6 , 7 & 8's! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you and maybe if you're a student that will be going to Interschools too, I'll see you THERE!

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IALT: Reflect about Technology!

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Today for technology, We made Mince Pies! Sadly, this is the 2nd to last week of Technology with the year 8's and our last week of Technology is next week. I am a bit upset but it's gonna happened and oh well. It was an AMAZING experience getting to fry onions and mince with my peers on the pan, It felt nerve-wracking doing it because I was a bit afraid because I thought that I was going to get burned but it didn't happened which was GREAT!

I worked with my Kia Manawanui peers who are Constance (Year 7) & Frances (Year 8). They were AMAZING and I'd love to have them as peers next week when we do Technology again! I thought we were actually going to make mince pies, But it was like mince pie on a tray, As we were frying it like with my peers which are Constance & Frances, We thought that the mince wouldn't taste good or the mince pie because how us 3 are bad cooks except Constance, But we still had hope!

Image result for Mince pie

I don't have the actual picture because I couldn't wait for it to be shared to be, But this photo is similar to it anyways...If you want to learn the recipe, Here it is:

Step 1 - Slice & Dice the onions and then fry it until soft.

Step 2 - Add mince to the frying pan.

Step 3 - Mix 2 teaspoons of gravy powder with one cup of water and add it into the frying pan.

Step 4 - Then after that, Add some pea's.

Step 5 - Mix until thick.

Step 6 - Add Salt & Pepper and then mix again.

Step 7 - When you feel like it's ready, Cover your tray that you're gonna put the mince in with some pastry.

Step 8 - Add the mince into the tray.

Step 9 - Then add grated cheese on top of the mince.

Step 10 - Fold the pastry in.

Step 11 - Put it in the oven.

Step 12 - When ready, You can ENJOY!

That's how you pretty much bake/fry a mince or cook a mince pie! Have you EVER baked/fried a mince pie? and If you did, What was the results?

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

🌍Zoo Trip🌍

IALT: Come up with educational idea's about animals!

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So yesterday, Kia Manawanui went to the Auckland Zoo! This was the VERY last educational trip we went to and I had SO much fun at the zoo with my year 7 & 8 peers and hopefully they had a GREAT time too. What was MORE exciting was that Ms Kirsty who is one of our old teachers worked at the Auckland Zoo and She was the person who gave us a educational lesson...I was in her first class at Tamaki Primary School which was back in 2013! I can't wait to tell you all about it....

So as we arrived at the zoo...We departed from the bus. Then we had to go and sit inside of the zoo and also wait for Ms Aireen to pay for us before we go in, We waited for probably half an hour which is 30 minutes because she didn't arrive till later. While we were waiting, We were taking photo's with the big green lizard that is laying down in front of the Zoo Entrance! Don't worry, It is gigantic but it's FAKE meaning its NOT real!

Then after ALL that waiting, We finally got to go into the zoo! Then we had to tell ALL the adults that at 12.00pm, We'll have to meet at the Educational Centre. So we went off and away to go see some wonderful animals! I was in Leilani's group and our adult was her father Ofa, He was really funny and I enjoyed going around with my group!
We saw:
  • Flamingoes
  • Tigers
  • Meerkats
  • Red Panda
  • Zebra's
  • Ostrich
  • Ostrich eggs (Which were AMAZING)
  • Alligators
  • Tasman Devil's
  • Otters
  • Peacock (Harold)
  • Birds (Bob & his friends)
And many more....

It was an SPECTACULAR experience walking around the whole zoo and getting to learn new educational skills and ideas about that particular animal. After that it was 12.00pm, So we had to go to the Educational Centre. ALL the groups got to get spilt up into two groups so one whole group including the adults were with Ms Komor and The other group is with Ms Aireen so my group which was Group 1 had to go to the Educational Centre first.

There were lizards in their habitats in that specific education centre and there were ALSO polar bear skin carpets and also lion ones! When I got to touch it, I was immediately scared even though it was dead, Then I touched the polar bear and got the same exact feeling. We also got to play with a tiger's toy which they chew on, The person who was educating us and worked at the zoo is Frazer, He's AWESOME and he told us ALL to play with the big black toy and get our smell on it because the tiger will chew on it thinking that the toy is a human being.

Then we got told that back in the old day, The chimpanzee's had to act like humans drinking tea and also had to smoke a cigarette just to entertain others. I feel so bad about that because we also got told that there was a chimapanzee named Jane who actually forgot she was a Chimpanzee because she had to do the same thing that I just explained above several times in her life. 

So she had to live in a cage by herself and without other chimpanzees which is sad....Then after that, We got to go and explore some more around the Zoo with Frazer, He said that there is two new cheetahs in the zoo who just turned 2 last week and have been living at the zoo for only a week and a half.

The other 2 cheetahs who were brothers sadly died. So the new 2 cheetahs who are sisters moved into the zoo! We ALL went to the same area where we discussed to meet at the Education Centre, We had lunch, Took some photos and went back to school!

Have you EVER been to the zoo? And if you did, What did you learn about a specific type of animal?

If you wanna answer these questions, Please comment!

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Monday, 20 November 2017

🎊Reaching 300 blogpost🎊

Welcome back to my blog!

So I just REALISED that I have reached 300 blog posts! I am EXTREMELY happy, And can not wait for my future blogposts. I've been blogging EVER since 2015 and now I've reached 300 blogposts, It may not be much to you but it means SO much to me!
Image result for 300 celebration

Throughout my blogging journey, It's been a BLAST blogging and letting my fellow viewers read it. Even though I don't blog or haven't blogged that much lately!

Even though it also may not be a BIG deal to you, It's a big deal to me!

Have you already reached 300 blogposts?

Thanks for celebrating with me!



IALT: Give our opinions about Why we should have zoo's.

Welcome back to my blog!
So just in my recent blogpost, I talked about what we were doing today and our zoo tasks that were given by our teacher Ms Komor, The tasks were on a presentation that we have to complete in order to get educated for the trip tomorrow!

On this screencastify, I worked with my class peer Aletheia! And also - Getting to know A LOT about her while working together. She's AWESOME and it'll be cool to work with her again another time!

Here is the screencastify!

We explained and talked about our opinions on the questions "Why should we have zoo's?". We both gave an opinion each and also again talked about it!

What are your thoughts on my work? And Have you EVER been to the zoo before?

Thanks for reading!