Monday, 21 August 2017

Writing Lesson With Ms Aireen!

IALT: To reflect about our writing lesson with Ms Aireen and use language features and analyse my text!

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Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog! So today, We had the middle block and the last block with Ms Aireen! We did Writing and our main focus was talking about Language Features and the word Analysing during the past week! We also learned about a unique creature called a Chameleon, and how it is Afakasi (Half-Caste).

 If you don't know what a Chameleon is then it is a cold-blooded reptile that changes colour. I haven't found out why it changes colour but what I personally think why a chameleon changes colour is because of it's emotions or to ambush their food, or camouflage themselves from predators. 

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But today, we read a poem about being Afakasi (Half-Caste) and if you don't know what Afakasi means then it defines being mixed-race, two pasts, half-blood. During the lesson, I got to learn new words like Chromatophores (which are a group of reflecting sells in wide ranges of animals)!

We also got to read some ancestor poems from former TPS students! It was so incredible and interesting reading their poems that we had to look for the main key points in their poem, Poems that I read had lots of metaphors which was AMAZING! Their work was outstanding and they must've put so much effort into it!

So Ms Aireen decided we should look at their work for example and see their language features they've been putting in because Room 9 will be doing a ancestor poem independently!

What are your thoughts on my work?

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Keypoints - 7 Benefits Of Having A Hobby!

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IALT: List as many Keypoints I want about a article we read which is 7 benefits of having a Hobby!

Hello and Greetings, Thanks for coming back to my blog! So for reading today, We had to read an article which is called The 7 benefits of having a Hobby and which is already on my IALT and Title! Since this term's topic is about Hobbies, ALL reading groups had to read an article about Hobbies for this week!

In the beginning, I thought a hobbie was a sport like for e.g Netball, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Softball, Rugby, Rippa - Rugby etc...

So I decided to make a DLO:

I learned something reading this is interesting article and it was the word Eustress! Did you know that Eustress is a positive kind of stress? I personally didn't even know a word like that existed?!

In this DLO, It tells you ALL about the main key points that I found reading the text! I did a LOT of thinking to myself and and is proud also proud of my decorating! I did the school colours cause I know that ALL of us have different and unique hobbies!

Click on the ...📷... to go on to the site!

Thankyou for reading my viewers! 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

24 Hour Footprint! (Cybersmarts)

IALT: Make a google drawing about my 24 Hour Footprint!

So today for Cybersmarts with Ms Shearing, We had to make a map and logo or sites with footprints that we have been going to during the past four hours and it turned out to be AMAZING!

I made up a island myself and I am VERY proud of it since it was the first ever island I made on a google drawing!

Here is it:

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Reason Hip-Hop Was Made!

IALT: Talk or write a summary about The Reason Hip-Hop was made!

Hey Everybody! Welcome back to my blog! I'm sorry about not blogging that much but I promise you that I will start blogging everyday!

 So my blog for today is about The Reason Hip-Hop was made and I have decided to make a google drawing about it! I got ALL of this information from our kiwisport that we have been going to and it has been AMAZING and I totally can't wait to go to our Kiwisport next week Monday! I was really excited about learning Hip-Hop skills and still can't wait. 

So here is the google drawing!

So please leave comments down below about what I should be doing next?!
Or any goals I should be working on for my blog posts!

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Monday, 7 August 2017


WALT: To talk about what we have been learning during Hip-Hop!

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So today at 9:40, Room 9 had our 2nd Kiwisport lesson! I was AMAZING getting to learn more Hip-Hop skills and dances! As we got there, Our instructor Jasmine who is surprisingly from England taught some moves but firstly we had to go over the four elements of Hip-Hop.

Fun fact: African Americans & Latino's were the people who made Hip-Hop for a way to express themselves and it first happened in New York, 1973!

 So here the four elements:

  • Art (Graffiti)
  • Rap (Rhythms & Poetry) or MC
  • DJ 
  • Breakdancing

So after we went over the four elements, We did a warmup and then went straight into our dance moves that we have been learning last week. So the dance moves we have been learning last week were...

  • The Smurf
  • The James Brown
I think that the hardest dance move to learn was The James Brown, and if you know who James Brown is then you will obviously know his favourite dance move which he probably does at EVERY concert he sings at! He does completely does it REALLY fast to the point we ankle break, But don't worry because none of us got injured!

So the dance moves we learned were:

  • The Alf
  • The Janet Jackson
And overall, my favourite dance move for today was the Janet Jackson! 
That's all for today viewers! Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

My Goals for Term 3!

WALT: Write some school goals and our own personal goals for this term!

Hey Everyone and Welcome back to my blog! So for today, Room 9 got the chance to write about our goals for this term! 

So here are my goals:

So since this is Term 3, We got the chance to write our Reading goals, Maths goal, Writing goal, Teacher's goal and our very own personal goals. I think that during this process, It has helped me alot knowing that it's Term 3 and I've not completed many goals so I will be trying the best of my ability to complete ALL of these goals for this term!

So for another goal, Everyday I will come to school, I will check this DLO (Digital Learning Object) and see if I had completed ANY of this!

Thanks for reading!
Kind Regards,

Monday, 24 July 2017

Day #5 - One Step At A Time... - Nowhere To Be Found - WLJ

IALT: Write a story about What I'll do if I was alone in the forest!

For Day #5, Curious Kiwi took us around the forest! For our first activity, We had to write a story about What we will be feeling or doing since I am alone in the forest! I just hope one day, this will NEVER happen to me!

Here is my DLO story writing!

So as you can see, There is my DLO (Digital Learning Object) Story Writing! I had so much fun writing this story and added some extra words like Tane Mahuta since we toured him on Day #2! 

The part I liked the most about me reading it was when it felt like it was actually coming true which I wish wouldn't because I do hate being alone in the middle of nowhere!

Thanks for reading!

Kind Regards,
Your Winter Learning Journey, Akanesi!