Monday, 25 December 2017

🌤Summer Learning Journey, Day 5 (The Dawn of a New Era...) - Activity 2🌤

IAL: About the Treaty of Waitangi!

Welcome back to my blog!

I apologise for not blogging or finishing off this task on Friday, I've  been having a VERY busy weekend & we just arrived to Rotorua last night at 2:46am.

So lets finish off the tasks that I was suppose to do on Friday!

Image result for WaitangiOn 6 February 1840, a very special document was signed by the Māori chiefs and the British settlers in New Zealand. It was called the "Treaty of Waitangi" (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) and it outlined how the two groups would live together and work together in New Zealand. It was the first document of its kind to be signed in the entire world. The Treaty was signed in a place called Waitangi in northern New Zealand.

So then, I've been asked to visit a particular website that Rachel has given so we could read it and List at least 3 things about where we'd like to visit if we got the chance to go to Waitangi!

Here is it:
  • Firstly, I'd like to visit the Treaty grounds where Maori & British had to sign the treaty!
  • Secondly, Since I love nature - I'd love to visit the Waitangi River!
  • And to just see live Kapa Haka performances!
That's it for today!

Kind Regards,
Your SLJ blogger - Agnes!


  1. Hey there Akanesi, my name is Billy and I am one of the people who will be blogging with you this Summer. Thanks for working so hard and commenting with other children. You are a great motivator! Keep it up.

    I like the three activities you have chosen to do during your trip to Waitangi. It seems like a really balanced trip because you get a bit of history in to start with, then you enjoy some of the beautiful natural surroundings and finally enjoy watching some cultural performances.

    Have you ever been to Waitangi?

    What's your favourite place in New Zealand?

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Billy.

  2. Hi Akanesi

    great work for completing this task.
    keep the good work up.

  3. Hi there Akanesi,

    My name is Jade F and I'm one of the commenters from the Summer Learning Journey programme this summer.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post about Waitangi and the different activities you could do while there. I especially liked the activity, visiting the Treaty grounds. My Maori ancestors are from up North and my tribe's marae is the same marae where the treaty was signed! Have you ever been up to Waitangi before? If not, would you like to?

    Looking forward to hearing from you and keep up the awesome blog posts!

    Jade F :)