Friday, 9 November 2018

➕ ➖ ➗ Maths TEST ➕ ➖ ➗

IALT: Reflect about my Gloss Test!

Kia Ora and greetings to you all...

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My MOOD before I went in!

Not long ago ... I finished my GLOSS TEST! And guess what?! I'm EARLY STAGE 7! I'm actually proud of my achievement because since Maths was my least favourite subject, I never really cared about it but this year I did and I worked hard from getting on Stage 5 and 6 to EARLY stage 7!

Yes, it might not be 'cool' but I am actually proud and happy about it because I thought I would never reach it! I did get a few questions wrong but I know I did a great job and how I didn't waste my year because as long as I am learning, it doesn't matter!

I was quite gutted that I didn't reach STAGE 7 but oh well, early stage 7 is still the same I guess so I don't mind, LOL! I'm working hard this year since it's my last year and I do want to make my family PROUD at Prize-Giving especially my DAD and my GRANDPA!

At the end of the test, Ms Kyla showed me a VERY inspirational quote on instagram :

Image result for speed doesn't matter forward is forward

This quote made me feel more PROUD of myself because not only did I progress MORE but I never went backwards and wasted my WHOLE year so this made me feel very happy! It sad to know that this will be my last test here at Tamaki Primary but I know that it has helped me VERY much when I go off to college!

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🍝 Technology - Mince PASTA 🍝

IALT: Reflect about Technology!

Kia Ora and greetings to you all...

Yesterday, KIA MANAWANUI went to Technology at Tamaki College! So as usual, there are 3 groups and I am in the Cooking group ( which is my FAVOURITE group actually ) because you get to cook & eat because ... FOOD IS LIFE!

For Technology, we made MINCE PASTA! At first, I wasn't impressed about it because I thought we were going to make something delicious but don't judge a book by its cover, am I right ? LOL! But anyways, off we went getting ALL of the materials and ingredients to make it - I was with Edith by the way!

If you want to learn how to make it, here is the recipe:

1) Boil Pasta with 2c of cold water!

2) Drain under cold water using colander!

3) Fry the mince with onion, when cooked!

4) Add the sauce ( Tomato Paste & Some Seasoning )

5) Combine with Pasta Sauce and Top up with CHEESE!


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😰 Interview For Edgewater 😰

IALT: Reflect about my interview!

Malo Lelei and greetings to you all...

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Today I went to my interview at Edgewater College ( which is the college I'm going to ) and it was pretty nerve-racking! I got to meet the year 9 dean for next year, and to be honest - she was quite cool and relaxed when I was talking to her, I was just mostly nervous that I might not get in!

She talked about my goals, a global issue I'm passionate about, a website that made me think differently, a photo that is special to me, my talents, and many more other stuff that you need to know in a interview. Luckily, some of the questions were easy to answer so that was the best part!

She also asked me about if I wanted to participate in any cultural groups at Edgewater College and since I told her that I was in the Tongan Group at TPS, she asked if I wanted to join the Tongan Group there, and of course I said " YES! ".

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What was challenging about this interview was just all about the questions ... because I kept thinking I would get it all wrong and all which will ruin the opportunity for me to go to Edge water College! But luckily in the end, it all turned out not harder than I thought which was good!

I'm REALLY excited and also a bit nervous about going to Edgewater, ESPECIALLY since there is a test on the 28th of November at Edgewater College for the year 9's so of course, I am PETRIFIED so I think I have a LOT of studying to do!

Question : What college are you attending next year if you're year 8?
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Thursday, 1 November 2018

🎶 Band Practice 🎶

IALT: Reflect about Band Practice!

Kia Orana and greetings to you all...

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Every Thursday and Friday, The TPS band have band practice, LOL! The people who are in the band are : Myself - Singer, Edith - Singer, Leilani - Keyboard Player, Hevani - , Stephney - Bass Player, Amon - Singer, Tevita - Singer and Demetrius - Drummer. To be honest ... it's VERY fun getting to go Band Practice because we get to learn new songs, and be able to sing along with each other.

One song we have currently be working ages on for is - Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake. The reason why this is happening is probably because it is complicated for our band members to do it due to the fact there are some difficult things to play on the Bass, Drum, Keyboard etc ... but I do know that we are very close!

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The thing that is challenging about it is when we all harmonise together because in the original song - only ONE person is singing it but in the band, there are four singers so it is quite complicated. But we'll get there in the end ;)

Question : What kind of musical instrument do you play? 
For me, I don't really play musical instruments ... I just love singing!

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🐟 Technology - Fish PIE 🐟

IALT: Reflect about Technology!

Fakalofa Lahi Atu and greetings to you all...

So as always, KIA MANAWANUI have Technology every Thursday at Tamaki College and each group gets a 8 or 9 sessions of doing the Tech at the college - so there's Cooking, Graphics, and Hard Materials. My FAVOURITE one is Cooking because not only do we cook but we also get to eat the delicious/sometimes yuck food we make as long as we follow instructions carefully.

By the way - ONLY year 7 & 8's get to go to Technology at Tamaki College like the other school in the Manaiakalani Cluster so at first, it will be SO cool then as the next year comes ... it will still be cool but not as exciting as before because how it was your first time the year before (Year 7).

But anyways, we cooked Tuna Fish Pie! There was a recipe for that and a recipe of a Chocolate Cake on the board ... to be honest, I was REALLY hoping we would make Chocolate Cake but then I realised we won't since we made Chocolate Muffins last week but still, I wasn't too excited to make Tuna Fish Pie!

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Tuna Fish
Mushroom Sauce
Shredded Cheese

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Here is the Recipe :

1. Peel the Potatoes and then wash!

2. Put in boiling hot water on oven!

3. Once soften, sift the water from the potatoes from the pan into sink!

4. Then put potatoes in baking bowl and MASH!

5. Make the mashed potatoes - the base and put a mixture of Tuna, Mayo and creamed mushrooms onto the potatoe base!

6. Add shredded cheese on top and bake at 200℃ for 15 minutes.

7. Take out and enjoy ;)

Result of myself and Cerenity's FISH PIE!

This turned out and tasted DELICIOUS, I hope you learnt something NEW!
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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

👹 Happy Halloween 👹

IALT: Reflect about Halloween!

Malo Lelei and greetings to you all...

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Today after school, I went Trick or Treating which is apart of Halloween! I was SO excited because I went with my 3 nieces, 3 nephews, older sister and my aunty. We went Trick or Treating in Glendowie so I ended up not doing Trick or Treating here around Panmure like I always do but that was good because I didn't want to people my school, LOL!

So for Halloween, I dressed up as a Skeleton and also got my older sister to paint my face but not make it as scary because usually it's always ugly but it wasn't that much today. I actually REALLY enjoyed going Trick or Treating but the ONLY thing I hated is when my hoodie came down because my hair was in a low bun, and I had to put the hoodie on because that was how the costume was like so I just let my hair out and since it WAS Halloween and everything's suppose to scary, I realised my hair was scary so that's what I did. 

As we ALL got ready, we packed our bags and left to my aunty's house in Glendowie where we will be Trick or Treating. I've only Trick or Treated ONCE there and that was when I was Snow - White and around about 7 years old ... it was SO much fun back then but kind of I guess nowadays, LOL!

Peti was a Pirate and my younger nephew was Mr Incredible!

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🔴 Red Day 🔴

IALT: Reflect about Red Day!

Talofa Lava and greetings to you all...

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Today, The whole of Tamaki Primary School had RED DAY! The reason why we had Red Day is because we have 4 houses at our school, and we also give out rewards such as tokens to each individual's houses such as Tripoli, Alamein, Benghazi and Tobruk - if that makes sense, LOL!

But since last term, Tobruk one most of the weeks for the most tokens - they chose to have a day where the WHOLE entire school gets where Red to school to support their house colour. If you didn't know : Tobruk - Red, Benghazi - Green, Alamein - Yellow and Tripoli - Blue : Those are our HOUSE COLOURS!

 This can happen to ANY of the houses ONLY if we work hard but anyways, the reward for EVERYONE in the house Tobruk was a Pizza Party and also some chocolate sundaes! I was pretty lucky to get given 2 sundaes from my fellow friends Patience & Constance who are in the house Tobruk!

To Red Day, I wore a Mate Ma'a Tonga jumper with a jersey inside, blue jeans and some adidas shoes to go with it. I can tell your right now, that there were SO many people wearing Mate Ma'a Tonga jersey's, jumpers, hats, shoes, flags and more! It was actually hilarious.

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By the way, that sundae was DELICIOUS!
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